About Me

Hanspeter Tschupp

Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and natural Sciences from the University of Zurich and Lucerne (Switzerland). Additional studies in Education, Pedagogic and Didactics. I pursued a career as a high school Math and Science Teacher for over 15 years. When moved to the US in 1990 I trained as a Pilot with instrument rating and managed a flight school for 16 years. Now I am a Web Designer, Movie Maker and Multimedia Specialist for notable local companies and Overseas Enterprises. I am fluent in 4 languages (German, French, English and Spanish).

Musical Experience: I have an extensive piano experience as a student, teacher, accompanist and performer. I also was a part time Church Organist for many years in Switzerland and at the Lutheran Church of Treasure Island.  In 1995-1996 I studied Organ, Piano and Composition at the St. Pete College and composed various pieces for piano and string ensemble. As a a composer I wrote numerous pieces for piano, organ and as well 2 school musicals. I’m also active as an Organ Builder and am a consultant for room acoustics for various halls and churches.

Hobbies: Beside music I’m an active Radio Amateur. Together with my sons (they have a radio license too) we are involved in varipus projects, mainly outdoors. We like adventure trips and wild (primitive) camping. This reminds me of exciting experiences as a longtime boyscout back in Swizerland where we did the wildest things from living in a snow bivac to cooking with bare ingredients, hunting and survival drills. Moreover, I also was a ski teacher and liked to climb mountains and drove down into the valley sometimes at night without a flashlight. Last but not least I’m often work on electronic projects such as microprocessors, machine controls and stage performance applications.

Some of my musical compositions

The following pieces were created by me around 1995 when I took composition classes at the St. Pete College with Vernon Taronto. We focused on various composition forms, including counterpoint. Even though J.S. Bach was my favorite composer for several decades, my current preferences broadened in styles to also later eras.

Last year I sponsored a composer station to our school that is freqently used by some students. It’s a pleasure to see how young students are creative and make up their own songs. Please visit my comprehensive composer and music theory web site here…