The GH5 cage is a modified JTZ DP30 with various additions:

  • The rosette post on the right side of the base plate has been removed (sawed off wit a band saw) to allow full access to the battery bay of the GH5 camera.
  • A grip has been added to both sides of the cage.
  • Ninja Inferno monitor has its own Cage and is firmly mounted with two 15 mm clamps onto the top handle.
  • HDMI cable between Ninja and GH5 has a solid routing with a 90 degree HDMI plug and two cable routers.
  • Top hot shoe of GH5 is extended and DMW-XLR1  is mounted on a remote position that allows direct view of the control panel instead of side view.
  • Matte Box is from JTZ, Follow Focus from CAME.
  • V-Battery Adapter is from JTZ and delivers 12 V/5A (Ninja Inferno external power) | 8V/5A  (GH5 external power)| 5V/4A (Audio Interfaces MixPre-6)) outputs and an additional D-Tap socket for 16.8V/6A (currently not used).
August 19, 2017