Symphonic Organ

This project is about the build of a Symphonic Organ based on the Hauptwerk software and Vienna Symphonic Sample Library. The instrument will comprise 4 Manuals (keyboards with 61 keys each) and a standard AGO Pedalboard. (AGO = American Guild of Organists).

The organ will be able to produce regular Pipe Organ sounds as well as expanded instruments such as strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, choir and more. It will have 12 channel surround sound with a heavy duty sub woofer that can produce bass tones down to 16 Hertz. The multi-channel sound system will allow a realistic and immersive sound experience.

Hauptwerk is a computer program that can reproduce complex pipe organ sounds. The name Hauptwerk  comes from the German expression for the main part of the pipe section.

Currently there are more than 100 sample sets available from various churches all over the world. Our organ will carry some of the finest instruments such as the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Sample sets include recordings of every single pipe of the organ, captured with high quality microphones. The depicted Laurenskerk organ has about 7600 pipes. It is not without reason that the pipe organ is called the King of Instruments.

In addition to the pipe organ sample sets we will also implement instruments from the Vienna Symphonic Library. With more than six millions of samples and an unprecedented variety of articulations with nuanced details, the Vienna Symphonic Library helps you create the most realistic renderings of your musical ideas. With Vienna Symphonic Library products you can go anywhere, from solo pieces to large cinematic orchestras, from intimate chamber music to jazz, pop and dance, from the baroque to the avant-garde.

Symphonic Organ

Whilst I consider the Symphinic Organ Opus 5, I built 4 more organs in the past. Number one, a 3 manual Dr. Boehm organ kit, built in 1980 in Switzerland. Number two, a hybrid organ with a 3 manual Baldwin console and a 4 rank positive, operaded with MIDI. Nuber three, a Viscount 2 manual organ with an ornemenal woold pipe facade and multi-channel audio. Number four, a 4 manual organ with Rodgers and Allen parts. This project never has been completed and I sold the console to an northern state organ enthusiast.